Euro Spell Bee Competition

Euro Spelling Bee 2024: Fostering Excellence in Language Skills

The Euro Spelling Bee 2024 competition recently concluded with great enthusiasm and impressive performances from young spellers across three categories. Organized to promote linguistic precision and academic excellence, the event showcased the talents of students from grades 4 to 9 in a series of challenging rounds.

Participants and Winners

The competition was divided into three categories based on grade levels:

  1. Category 1: Grades 4 and 5 (Ruby House)
    • Shourya Raj Thapa
    • Pratisha Thapa Magar
    • Aanvi Bista
    • Ashish Pandey
  2. Category 2: Grades 6 and 7 (Emerald House)
    • Aarushi Shrestha
    • Bebina Humagain
    • Aditi Subedi
    • Divanjaya Rijal
  3. Category 3: Grades 8 and 9
    • Evam Sayami
    • Akshyata Tuladhar
    • Sofiya Bhandari
    • Lijala Shakya

Competition Format

The Euro Spelling Bee 2024 comprised three rigorous rounds: Individual, Group, and Buzzer rounds.

Round 1: Individual Round

  • In this round, 16 finalists from each category competed.
  • Each participant spelled a word per round without facing elimination.
  • Emphasis was placed on pronunciation clarity and adherence to spelling rules.

Round 2: Group Round

  • Representatives from each house in respective categories spelled 8 words.
  • Correct spellings earned 5 points per word, contributing to the overall score.

Round 3: Buzzer Round

  • A rapid-fire round where contestants buzzed in to spell given words.
  • Speed and accuracy were paramount as correct spellings added 5 points each to the total.

Scoring and Winner Determination

  • Scores from all three rounds were compiled to determine the overall winner.
  • The house with the highest cumulative score across categories clinched the prestigious Euro Spelling Bee 2024 title.


The Euro Spelling Bee 2024 not only showcased the linguistic prowess of its participants but also highlighted the dedication and preparation involved in mastering the English language. Congratulations to all winners and participants for their hard work and commitment to academic excellence. The event underscored the importance of language skills in communication and learning, setting a benchmark for future competitions.

We extend our gratitude to all organizers, judges, and supporters who made the event a resounding success. Here’s to fostering a love for language and learning among young minds through such enriching experiences.