Message From the Principal

To our beloved community of creators, cultivators, and educators,

Eurokids/School Chhauni hopes that the seeds of our healthy relationship are sown and we reap the fruits of it as we see our beloved children grow up to become creative, compassionate, and conscientious.

At Eurokids/School Chhauni, we equate education with enjoyment and our team continuously strives for new experiences so that memories and lessons are manifested every day. We want to create an educational environment and impart wisdom which will remain with our students forever and which will help them through the journey of their life.

We aspire to create global citizens who are able to understand and internalize social, moral and cultural values such that a progressive and healthy community is built.

Eurokids/School Chhauni is continuously dedicated towards providing the best quality infrastructure, a well-developed tutoring community, and modern educational tools so that our students can develop with every step they take in their educational journey.It’s our pleasure to welcome you in the pleasant environment of Euro School Chhauni where we learn, play, cherish memories and create new innovations together.