Art allows your children to explore a range of artistic processes using both traditional approaches and contemporary platforms. Taking a more conceptual approach, our arts programme stimulates innovative and imaginative thinking.


MUSIC is integrated into the mainstream curriculum to promote self-expression, intelligence and creativity. Through a holistic music education, your children will explore traditional and exotic instruments while they themselves develop their music literacy, create music and use technology to produce music videos.


SPORTS programme includes football, basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, swimming and more. Your children will enjoy the opportunity to get involved in a variety of sporting events as a way to develop their confidence, resilience, grace and humility to succeed and work as a team.


Drama gives your children the opportunity to perform on stage and showcase their unique abilities. This builds up their public speaking skills, as well as emotional intelligence and empathy. Your children will also learn script writing, stage production, lighting and sound – all the elements of a successful production.


STEAM: STEAM ‘The greatest asset you have is ‘Imagination!’. What you imagine, you desire to create and with the fire of desire to create, you innovate. The school strives to ensure that it is fulfilling the demands of the current needs of the education system. We are continuously working towards putting forward a greater vision in the minds of our children so they dream bigger and achieve better. We provide a safe and positive learning environment that helps our students reach greater heights academically, while also enriching them socially and spiritually. Each teacher in the school possesses wisdom and a special love for teaching that guides them towards facilitating and inspiring students to realize their full potential.


ICT is integrated into the curriculum allowing your children to develop communication and performance skills through coding, programming, multimedia authoring, animation, 3D gaming and more. With these digital tools, your children will be able to actively and effectively engage, create, collaborate, communicate and share their perspectives – lifelong skills that will support their education and their future careers.