Student Council Election

Student Council Election 2081

Members of the Student Council are elected annually by the students themselves. The election provides an opportunity for students to select their representatives who will be their voice for issues and concerns about student life.

Elected Positions

There are 22 positions in the Student Council that are filled through the annual elections.

Executive School Captains

  • School Head Boy
  • School Head Girl
  • Deputy Head Boy
  • Deputy Head Girl
  • Sports Captain 
  • Sports Vice-Captain

House  Committee

  • Ruby House Captain
  • Ruby Vice Captain
  • Emerald House Captain
  • Emerald Vice Captain
  • Sapphire House Captain
  • Sapphire Vice Captain
  • Topaz House Captain
  • Topaz Vice Captain

Junior Prefect Committee

  • Ruby House Prefects – 2
  • Emerald House Prefects – 2
  • Sapphire House Prefects -2
  • Topaz House Prefects -2 


Nominations were  made by the election committee, where students will receive  a form with criterias and job descriptions where they nominated themselves. Nominations were  verified by the Election committee {EC} and successful nominees were  notified by the election committee during the school assembly.

Students could nominate themselves to run for a post in the Student Council given that they fulfill the following general eligibility criteria:

  • Be a student with a minimum of 2 years in school for the position of School Head Boy/Girl and a minimum of 1 year for other positions.
  • Must have achieved a minimum grade of B in the final assessment of the previous year.
  • Be free from any violation of the Student Code of Conduct policy.
  • Candidates should serve one complete year in the post.

General Code of Conduct

The General Code of Conduct that will be required by candidates and concerned person are  as follows:

  • Candidates should follow norms and values of the school.
  • Any activity shall not be conducted or cause to be conducted in a manner that incites hatred or enmity among religions, religious communities, castes, tribes, genders, languages, classes, regions or communities.
  • No criticism shall be made by causing harm to the private life of the candidates and members of any houses.
  • No one shall solicit votes or carry out or cause to be carried out campaigning in a way that incites communal feelings.
  • No act shall be done or cause to be done or incitement shall be made to commit such acts that deem to be election related offenses under the prevailing laws.
  • No cash and commodity shall be distributed or cause to be distributed; no party shall be held or cause to be held.
  • No election campaign shall be carried out or cause to be carried out in a way that undermines the feelings or character of everyone.
  • No procession or mass meeting, rally, assembly, gathering or campaign shall be organized or cause to be organized at the time and place prohibited in accordance with prevailing laws.
  • Candidates are not allowed to use any social media for any sort of influences.
  • Silence period means a period of 24 hrs before polling station on the day of polling.
  • Concerned persons are the candidates involved in election campaigns on behalf of beared houses. Terms also include electoral representatives.
  • Electoral Roll

All the students from Grade IV to X have the right to vote. The school authority regularly updates  the voter’s list every year.

  • Voter’s list/ ID Card

Students will use their identity cards to vote in an election. The voter’s identity card contains the name, address and grade of the voters, which helps to identify bona fide voters and one cannot vote in another’s name.

  • Polling Centre

The venue where the voters assemble to vote on Election Day is called the polling center. The Election Committee has made the conclusion that the ground of VII-X block will be the polling center for tomorrow’s historical event.


Election officer- Mr. Sudip Adhikari

Secretariat-  (Sudip Adhikari, Sabina Shrestha and  Durga Pandey)

Member-  Anmol Maharjan

Member- Roshan Sharma

Member- Sabbu Dhungana

Member- Linda Rana

Member- Maheshwor Prasad Pandey

Member- Diwas Khatiwada

Member- Narendra Neupane

Member- Pravin Kharga

Member- Durga Pandey

Member- Sabita Adhikari

Election Volunteer-  Sleshna Tuladhar, Abhiyaan Raj Dharel,  Suyog Sitaula and Manasa Bagale

Election Committee with their roles and responsibilities

  • Election Administration

The election official/election administrator checks voter eligibility, manages the electoral roll and is responsible for voter communication.  They are also responsible for announcing the electoral results.

They are responsible for the authentication of eligible voters. In  addition, he or she documents the voting process to ensure nobody votes twice. He also documents the counting of votes and draws up the final record of votes.

  • Election  Volunteer 

Election assessors serve as election volunteers and hand out ballot papers. They supervise proceedings at the polling stations and at the voting booths. Additionally, they conduct the counting of votes.

Kindly go through the election map.

1st JesthaForm distribution for nomination
3rd JesthaForm Submission by candidates (12:30)
4th JesthaFinal list of Candidates to be published (12:30 PM)
6th JesthaAnnouncement of Candidates and do the vote appeal
7th-12th JesthaOpen Campaign during breaks
13th  JesthaAfter 10 AM : मौन अवधि (Silence Period)
14th JesthaElections for Students Council 2081
16th JesthaAnnouncement of Election Result
20th JesthaInvestiture Ceremony

Election timing – 

Voters Schedule- Grade 4 and 5-  11:00- 12:00

    Grade 6, 7 and 8-   12:10-12:50

    Grade 9 and 10-      1:10-1:40

Polling booths  and Ballot boxes –  House wise

Jobs and Responsibilities

Nomination form printout- Ekaraj Aryal Sir/ Anand Karna

Nomination form receivers- Sudip Adhikari, Durga Pandey, Sabina Shrestha


School Head Boy

Ronav Tamrakar10 ‘Bheri’
Samriddha Rayamajhi 9 ‘Karnali’

School Head Girl

Vijeta Aryal10 ‘Bheri’
Sofiya Bhandari 9 ‘Karnali’

Deputy Head Boy

Aashrav Pandey 9 ‘Karnali’

Deputy Head Girl

Swastika Pandey9 ‘Karnali’
Naifah Sarfraj 8 ‘Koshi’

Sports Captain

Abiral Agrawal9 ‘Karnali’

Vice-Sports Captain

Agrata Dhakal9 ‘Karnali’
Samyog Pandey8 ‘Koshi’

Ruby House Captain

Purab Bajracharya9 ‘Karnali’
Samridhi Thapa8 ‘Indrawati’
Aarogya Raj Dharel8 ‘Indrawati

Ruby Vice-House Captain

Pallab Kunwar7 ‘Tilottama’
Suyash Lamichhane7 ‘Rapti’
Raunak Uprety7 ‘Tilottama’
Grace Thapa7 ‘Rapti’
Aditi Dahal7 ‘Tilottama’
Prithu Bhatta7 ‘Rapti’

Ruby House Junior Prefects

Aaditya Karki6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Riwaj Bhattarai6 ‘Dudhkoshi’
Armin Ratna Tamrakar6 ‘Dudhkoshi’

Emerald  House Captain

Lijala Shakya9 ‘Karnali’
Nripendra Singh Basnet9 ‘Karnali’
Samhita Aryal8 ‘Indrawati
Supas Jung Thapa Chhetri8 ‘Indrawati’

Emerald Vice-House Captain

Aarya Karki7 ‘Tilottama’
Raiyan Shah7 ‘Rapti’
Swastika Poudel7 ‘Rapti’
Aarushi Shrestha7 ‘Tilottama’

Emerald  House Junior Prefects

Bishesh Panta6 ‘Dudhkoshi’
Pramsu Lamal6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Divanjaya Rijal6 ‘Dudhkoshi’
Joyace Shrestha6 ‘Dudhkoshi’

Sapphire  House Captain

Aaron Agarwal9 ‘Karnali’
Swochhal Shahi8 ‘Indrawati’

Sapphire Vice-House Captain

Avik Chandra Baniya7 ‘Tilottama’
Shuvarambha Uprety7 ‘Rapti’
Shrawan Paneru7 ‘Rapti’

Sapphire House Junior Prefects

Prastav Giri6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Sauharda Thapa 6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Aaryan Das6 ‘Dudhkoshi’
Aaradhyan Pandey6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Sarina Tiwari6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Nirbika Khatri6 ‘Dudhkoshi’
Larrisa Subedi6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Rajwee Tripathee 6 ‘Dudhkoshi’

Topaz  House Captain

Oskarika Bhatta9 ‘Karnali’
Jenish Basnet8 ‘Indrawati’

Topaz  Vice- House Captain

Gyeltsen Lama7 ‘Tilottama’
Ashryta Rajbhandari7 ‘Tilottama’

Topaz   House Junior Prefects 

Liza Parajuli6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Shreyashi Sigdel6 ‘Dudhkoshi
Tiara Shrestha6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Apil Poudel6 ‘Sunkoshi’
Manik Sijapati6 ‘Sunkoshi’

Euro School Chhauni Kathmandu

Student Council Election-2081

Code of Conduct Policy

Dear Students,

Euro School Chhauni strictly announces the rules and regulations to all of our obedient students to follow. Breach of any of the rules mentioned below will lead to consequences as per the policy of the school. The school holds the authority to enforce the consequences with respect to the severity of the cause:

  1. All the students must remain in their respective classes during class hours and maintain a quiet, clean and appreciable atmosphere.
  2. When the teacher enters the class, all the students should stop whatever they are doing and greet the teacher. They should do the same when the teacher leaves.
  3. Students should pay full attention in the class and follow the directions of the teacher without delay.
  4. When the teacher is absent, the students must not leave the room till they are given a substitute.They should ask for permission to go to the toilet and so on.
  5. In case of sudden illness or injury, the matter must be immediately forwarded to the Class Teacher/Co-Teacher/Coordinator/School Nurse.
  6. Stealing, cheating, rude manners and bullying the juniors will be severely dealt with.
  7. Students must show good behavior to all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school.
  8. Students must not tease or harass any member of the institution, nor should they use others for their personal purpose.
  9. All the furniture in the School must be maintained with great caution. Any student found damaging or defacing the furniture will be penalized and fined.
  10. All boys and girls must maintain brotherhood and sisterhood among each other.
  11. Students must appear in all examinations, attend all classes and submit their homeworks regularly. They must bring their parents to collect their report card in PSTM.
  12. Students must speak in English all the time (except for Nepali,Social Studies, Mandarin, Sanskrit period) and greet their teachers whenever they see them.
  13. Students must not scream, run haphazardly, or throw dirt in the class/school premises.
  14. Students must not enter the staff room without permission.
  15. Students must present their daily homework (diary) to their guardians or teacher for advice and guidance.