Admission Policy

We follow a transparent and inclusive admission policy. There are a few steps and few rules that we hereby declare must be followed before any child can become a part of our educational institution.

  • Priority will be given to kids who have completed their kindergarten from Euro Kids Chhauni itself for the purpose of hassle-free continuity of education.
  • We maintain diversity in terms of ethnicity, economic backgrounds and gender identities and any violation in the acceptance of diversity by a student or his/her parent and/or guardian shall not be tolerated.
  • There is no refund policy in Euro School Chhauni, and the deposited admission fees shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

Timeline for Admission

For Grade 1 students – February to March*

*Our admission is based on first come first serve policy and if all our seats are reserved by the capable candidates, the admission timeline might be shortened*

Admission Procedure

The steps to be followed by parents/guardians to enroll their child in Euro School:

  • Step 1: Contact the school administration at 01-5902968/5902952 or and arrange an appointment for school tour to analyze and understand our school environment and the alliance between your child’s needs and the school environment.
  • Step 2: Application forms can be collected from the school reception. Online applications will also be accepted through our Website
  • Step 3: The filled application form can be left at the reception and along with the application form, the copies of birth and health certificates and 3 passport sized photographs of the child must also be submitted to the school office. One PP size photograph of the parents is also a must.
  • Step 4: An appointment will then be set for the assessment and interview of the child along with his/her parents. The applicant child will also have to go through a proper assessment test.
  • Step 5: The parents/guardians will receive an email or a telephone call on the acceptance of the child.
  • Step 6: Upon admission, the school administration will give the admission toolkit for parents whereby all the code of conduct, necessary documents and fee deposits will be shared. If the payments are not made within three 3 days of offer, it will lead to child’s place being offered to another candidate.
  • Step 7: The parents/guardians will be called for an orientation session, which they mandatorily must attend to understand the child care policies in school and to ensure the child moves forward in the journey of ‘Happy Learning!’

Entrance Test and Interview:

Grade 1: Placement assessment, followed by a brief interaction session with parents.

Our Scholarship Programs:

We believe that every child has an equal right to education and hence, for deserving candidates who cannot afford tuition fees, we offer scholarship programs. Twenty-percent of our students benefit from the scholarship program. The scholarship committee determines the eligibility of the student to receive a scholarship and the committee’s recommendations are submitted to Board of Trustees for approval.

Admission Form