We collaborate to create a better future for our children!

  • Lipson Vale Primary School: Lipson Vale is a large city school with excellent resources and a unique learning environment. Lipson Vale’s continuous efforts are exerted towards making children agents of positive social changes. Partnering with Lipson Vale has given us the chance to create newer opportunities that our children can manifest. 
  • Shree Shramik Shanti Secondary School: Located in Chyasal, Lalitpur Shramik Shanti Secondary School is a government school which has always helped us in conducting various exchange programs that help us learn from each other throughout our academic years.
  • Parents as Partners: As one of our latest ventures, interested parents will take part in our coffee sessions every two months. Because we believe in continuous improvement, these sessions will give us a chance to interact with parents and gain their perspectives on how to better our education system. 
  • Holy Rosary Primary School: Located in Ireland, Holy Rosary Primary School is committed to providing a challenging, rigorous education to better flourish and nourish students. Our collaboration has shone light on various educational and extracurricular aspects of an academic institution which provide us with guidance in bettering our education system. 
  • Kender Primary School: Located in London, Kender Primary School is a fully inclusive community primary school. The school values and cherishes each child as an individual and the school radiates happiness and calmness. Their positivity has encouraged us to develop our school education such that our students can take learning more as an enjoyable experience rather than an obligatory formality.