Physical Training (P.T)

We have Gymnastics, Yoga, Swimming, Basketball, Cricket, Futsal, Volleyball, Badminton and various other indoor and outdoor activities instructed and conducted by highly professional national level players. From session 2079, we will have our own futsal and another basketball court ready.  

Music and Instruments

We have a team of a famous national level musical band (KUTUMBA) as a part of the music team of our school. The entire team comes to school to train and teach various instruments and vocals to the children.  Instruments like guitar, cajon, madal, Violin, keyboard and vocals are taught by the music teachers.

Dance, Art and Craft, Drama 

We have highly trained and renowned instructors of national level, who assist the children with Dance, Art and Craft, Drama. We fully believe that the children are going to enjoy and develop their skills at the same time. At Euro School Chhauni, we will be teaching young children how to become well-rounded adults. 

An extended Computer Lab,  well-equipped Science lab, Makerspace and Maths lab and Library:

 A full- fledged computer lab is maintained by the school for the betterment of the students and also to make them more digitally literate. The school has a fully equipped  Science lab, Makerspace and Maths lab where the children can learn the practical aspects of classroom teaching. We have a full fledged library where the children can issue the books on a weekly basis.  

National and International Collaborations:

Our International Partner Schools from the UK – Kender Primary School and Holy Rosary Primary School have been working with us on various projects for enhancing the creativity, communication and problem solving skills of the students. There will be a reciprocal visit where the teachers from the UK will be coming to teach our students and train our teachers as well.

Nonetheless, this coming session, we shall have some national links with some student exchange programs, inter-school competitions etc. 

For the Academics, we will be focusing on the Progressive Teaching Methods as we believe that knowledge is dynamic and not static. Students should be allowed to learn freely with only some assistance to discover new truths. The progressive methods include inquiry, demonstrations, project works, discussions, group works, role-play, drama and field works – More power to the students.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

School App:

The school will be continuing to use the school App, Eurokids/School Chhauni with more features added this time for continuous updates and notices. Your suggestions, appreciations and valuable feedback through this platform are most welcome. It has and will continue to act as an encouragement for the school staff and the management. We shall add more services to the existing App to keep you more informed and updated about your child’s progress throughout the year.

Parents as partners:

Parents will be called in the school for monthly events after each unit/theme and parents-teachers meeting after the completion of each term. Here, parents can meet the subject teachers, know the child’s progress, see their child grow and discuss the overall growth of the child. Nevertheless, the teachers can be met in the school everyday, between 8:30-9 AM in the morning and 3:45- 4:30 in the evening, with prior appointment.  

3Di and DigiSchool as partners:

3Di classes will be conducted for grades 1-3. It basically focuses on computer graphics and animations.

Digischool curriculum will be conducted for grades 4-8. Through the British Computing curriculum, Digischool strengthens student learning and fosters creativity, collaboration, and communication beyond the classrooms making the kids smart. It provides them various exposure opportunities including showcasing the projects that they have developed.

Health and hygiene:

Food, Kitchen and Dining

The school provides breakfast, lunch (both veg and non veg) and snacks to the children. The menu is different for almost all the days. No MSG or other additives are added to the food. We have professional chefs and experienced helpers to prepare and serve the food. This is closely monitored by the health department of the school.

The school has an open kitchen where there are no walls separating preparation and cooking space from the dining spaces. Children are served at different intervals to ensure that everyone is fed well. Children, teachers and staff and the management, everyone is served with the same food.


All the classrooms are well ventilated and child friendly. They are spacious, with personal seating arrangements. We have a projector, shoe rack, book rack, teachers table, reading corner, soft boards, white boards, sanitizer and other necessary items. Each classroom is assisted with a sister during the class hours. 

The classrooms are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis, followed by strict inspection of health experts.

Clean toilets and Wash areas

As per the need, we have extended the washrooms and the urinals. It has a good provision of water supply and handwash. The washrooms are cleaned at least 3 times a day.

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