Effective from 3rd Jestha  {Tuesday}

Day Breakfast Lunch  Snacks 
Monday Raisins mixed Oatmeal with fruits Tofu matar curry with rice +  Mix dal + Achar + salad Veg Sandwich   
Tuesday Scrambled egg/

Mixed veg soup and bun

Mixed Veg curry with rice +  Rahar dal +Achar + papad       Chapati with  dum aloo
Wednesday Jam Bread with milk Chicken curry/ Paneer curry with rice + Green leafy vegetables + Mushuro dal + Achar + Salad Garlic sauteed potato 


Soupy Aloo Chana

  Seasonal veg curry with rice + Mixed dal with tadka + Mixed fruits with curd + Achar 

Chicken/Veg spring roll


Muesli/Corn flakes with milk

Egg/Tofu curry with rice + Mushuro dal Achar + Salad  Optional 

Veg mo:mo

Veg chowmein

 Wedge potato with sweet ketchup