Our tongue twisters and Storytelling week

We just had our tongue twisters and Storytelling week and we are delighted to announce that children enjoyed the sessions. To take it further, we are inviting parents to send in videos of parents reading to their kids or along with them.
“The more you read,the more you know.And the more you know,the smarter you grow.”
To participate in our Read Aloud Challenge,
1. Choose a suitable story book (Nepali or English) according to your interest and the age group of the child.
2. Record a short clip (max. 2 mins only) of your read aloud session with your child. (Parent and the child should take turns and read aloud together in the video)
3. Share/Inbox the video with us through Facebook Messenger
The best video will be rewarded with a gift.
Last date: 25th Falgun 2076.
Thank you. Do keep those videos coming from today itself and make some time for reading aloud with your kids every day.

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