Interhouse Essay Writing Competition at Euro School Chhauni

On the occasion of World Environment Day, EuroSchool Chhauni conducted Interhouse essay writing competition where students from grades 4 to 8 participated. Because EuroSchool Chhauni hopes to make students aware that the increasing exploitation of resources and pollution are some of the biggest threats to the environment, EuroSchool’s English Department hopes to enhance students’ creative writing and analytical skills while acquainting them with global issues and perspectives. Consequently, the Inter House Essay Writing Competition was a success where the following students were recognized for their exceptional essays:
Grade 4: 
3rd: Aastha Singh from Ruby House
2nd: Aaditya Karki from Sapphire House
1st: Armin Ratna Tamrakar from Emerald House
Grade 5:
3rd: Aarushi Shrestha from Sapphire house
2nd: Bibhushan Silwal Bhandari from Emerald house
1st: Binamra Aryal from Ruby house
Grade 6: 
3rd: Alaina Singh from Emerald House

2nd: Manas Shrestha from Ruby house
1st: Utsav Dhakal from Topaz house
Grade 7 and 8:
3rd: Himanshu Bista from Emerald house
2nd: Lizala Shakya from Ruby house
1st: Yuragi K.C. from Topaz house

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