The  Oratory program  is a comprehensive and enriching experience that equips students with essential public speaking and communication skills. The English Oratory program was organized by Euro School Chhauni on the 3rd of August, 2023.Throughout the program, students were engaged in a variety of activities that progressively build their oratory skills. The students  learnt the art of crafting persuasive speeches, delivering engaging presentations, and mastering the techniques of effective communication. The program covers various aspects of oratory, including voice modulation, body language, speech structure, and audience engagement. These experiences help students build resilience, overcome stage fright, and develop a strong presence in front of an audience. Overall, the Oratory program provided students with a solid foundation in public speaking and communication, empowering them to become effective communicators and leaders in the future. Besides poetry and prose, drama section  was also added to the  competitive extravaganza . The drama section was extracted from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and the participants splendidly showed their oratory skill. 

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