Exhilarating performances and fierce competition took center stage at Euro Dancing Stars Season 3! With the esteemed presence of Chief Guest Mr. Sandip Chhettri, Chief Judge Mr. Gamvir Bista, and Judge Ms. Kabita Neupane, the Master of Ceremony was our Dance Department Head, Mr. Suman Sagar Jung KC. The event showcased remarkable talent and passion for dance.

Congratulations to Ms. Prithu Bhatta for emerging as the victorious winner in the Senior Category, along with the outstanding performances by 1st Runner-up Ms. Aditi Dahal, 2nd Runner-up Ms. Liza Parajuli, and 3rd Runner-up Ms. Agreema Rijal.
In the Junior Category, Master Samrat Ghimire shined bright as the deserving winner, captivating the audience with their exceptional skills. Applause also goes to Master Aaronsh Humagain for securing the 1st Runner-up position, Miss Tisa Sthapit for her impressive performance as the 2nd Runner-up, and Miss Riyansika K C for her outstanding talent as the 3rd Runner-up.
The day was filled with awe-inspiring moves and unforgettable moments!

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