A week of fruitful learning: EuroSchool Winter Camp, 2022

Students excited for the first day of Winter Cam

In a time when education is required to adapt to changes in society, and to cultivate deep learning in children to whom the current generation will soon bequeath the future, EuroSchool Chaunni conducted a week long winter camp to invigorate children’s education in a fun, imaginative and productive manner. The primary objective of this event was to utilize the vacation of the students by engaging them in fun learning activities.

Mahavir Pun addressing curious students

While the primary venue for the winter camp was in the prolific compound of EuroSchool Chaunni, students were taken to various places throughout the week of the camp. In addition to exciting workshops (Zumba, Treasure Hunt, Design Challenge, Photography, Art, Painting, and Pottery)  conducted within the school, the students visited the National Innovation Center, Flying Horse Training Center, and Marble Hill in Godawari. With direct supervision of teachers from grades 4 to 7, Tara K.C, Anuradha Shrestha, Sabbu Dhungana, Rupesh Bhattarai, the camp also invited various professionals to conduct the workshops.    

On the first day of the camp, excited students were briefed about the camp’s overview and rules and what they are expected to learn. After, the students played a game of treasure hunt wherein the students were challenged to solve mysteries and crosswords. This activity encouraged students to interact and to build not only their teamwork but also language comprehension skills. Later the same day, Prakash Basnyat, a professional geologist, conducted an activity titled ‘Design Challenge’. Herein, students made 3D bridges using recycling and trash materials through which they learnt engineering skills and the value of recycling materials. 

The next day, students were divided into two groups to visit the National Innovation Center in Kirtipur and the Flying Horse Training Center in Dhapakhel. In the National Innovation Center, students interacted with Mahavir Pun who graciously showed various technological advancements such as incinerators, rockets, fridges, satellites, drones, to name a few. Importantly, students learnt how contemporary scientific technology can be used to alleviate social problems, especially in rural Nepal. Furthermore, students were taken for horse riding in the Flying Horse Training Center where they learnt horse riding techniques and enjoyed the recreational activity. 

Likewise, students were taught Zumba for recreation by our very own Linda Rana Ma’am the following morning. Later that day, the camp hosted an exceptional martial artist and blackbelt, Nabina Budathoki Magar, who taught various crucial self defense skills to several exhilarated students. Thrilled, students practiced these techniques in various groups and imbibed this practical approach of tactile learning. Also, in order to explore students’ creativity, Rupesh Bhattarai Sir and Prakash Basyant Sir conducted a photography session designed by the famous photographer, Anmol Maharjan. Exuberant, students illustrated their photography skills as well as showed their creativity by taking imaginative and inventive photographs. 

Students reaching the top of Marble Hill

Subsequently, on 6th of January, students and teachers went to Marble Hill in Godavari for outdoor hiking and picnicking. However, this trip was not only for pleasure but also for learning. Specifically, after having their breakfast at Corner Cottage Restaurant, students were shown how the marble is extracted and used for construction. Additionally, students understood how the waste materials of the extraction are utilized by chicken farmers to feed necessary nutrients for their poultry. Moreover, students also learnt mapping, identifying various species of flora and fauna as well as rocks. Students enthusiastically collected and explored as they climbed the hill. Reaching the top, students enjoyed the view while taking photographs and enjoying their snacks.   

Thereafter, students arrived at school the next day for Art, Painting and Pottery workshops. Under the guidance of Siddhartha Maharjan sir, students showed their artistic and creative skills as they put paint to canvas. Similarly, students made pottery as the camp hosted an expert potter, Shrijan Prajapati, who is a fourth generation potter in his family, from Pottery Training Center. Finally, on Saturday, bittersweet students arrived for the Mela and exhibition which consisted of various continental cuisines and displayed students’ paintings, photographs, and pottery.  

All smiles and colors

After the successful completion of the Winter Camp, the organizing teachers reflected on their experiences and brainstormed on how to make this event better for the future. Tara K.C ma’am claims that “the event proved to be an overall success because it demonstrated that a friendly setting, outside the classroom ecosystem, can be a productive learning environment.” Nevertheless, she goes on to say that the winter camp could improve its publicity so that it could incorporate children from other schools in the surrounding area. The reason behind this, she contends, is the fact that the children can learn valuable social interaction and learn from each other. Likewise, Anuradha Shrestha ma’am deemed that this experience was a growing one not only for the students but also for the teachers. Identically, Sabbu Dhungana ma’am also notes that the interaction between students and teachers enhanced their relationships and the exposure that the children received was and will be highly beneficial for their overall development. She professes that the students were enthusiastic to show their works to their parents. Correspondingly, Rupesh Bhattarai sir was encouraged by the overwhelming response shown by the parents and the support shown by the EuroSchool administration and staff. He also claims, “It might have been because a camp was being held in the school after such a long time, the response from parents was overwhelming. We were expecting to have around 40 students but ended up having around 65 students. While this meant a lot of challenges that had to be dealt with, it has also motivated us to do things like this in the future.” 

Ultimately, the goal of the Winter Camp was not only to demonstrate but also to actualize the irrefutable fact that children can simultaneously learn and have fun. This initiative affirms EuroSchool’s rallying words ‘Start Smart’ as the event vividly solidified and exemplified the amalgamation of students’ capability, interest, enthusiasm, and willingness towards learning.

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