• Vaccination at Euro School Chhauni

    Vaccination at Euro School Chhauni

    Ensuring Student Wellbeing: A Commitment to Vaccination at Euro School Chhauni At Euro School Chhauni, the safety and health of our students are paramount. We believe that a little pain today can lead to a lot of gains in the future. With this ethos in mind, we recently partnered with local health authorities to conduct…

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  • Celebrating Success Of Annual Fiesta with a Heartfelt Thank You!

    Dear Euro School Chhauni Community, As we reflect on the resounding success of our recent event, we are filled with gratitude for the remarkable individuals who played a pivotal role in making it an unforgettable occasion. To Asst. Prof. Binod Pd. Pant, our esteemed Chief Guest and HoD of STEAM Education at Kathmandu University, we…

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