Refrain the use of Internet / Smartphones by Children

As children get older, it gets trickier to monitor their time spent online. They may carry smartphone with them at all times. They probably want and need some privacy. This is healthy and normal as they are becoming more independent from their parents. But at the same time, it is important to take an active role in your child’s internet activities. The internet can be wonderful for them. They can use it for different purposes like school project work, research school reports, communicate with teachers, their friends and to play various interactive games. 

The positive features of internet can have negative impacts among the children. The online access comes with risks, like inappropriate contents, messages, chats and videos. Therefore, parents should be aware of what their children see and hear on the internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves and others. It is necessary for the parents to talk to their children, use tools properly, and keep an eye on their activities. 

As Euro School have observed and found many inappropriate and unwanted activities using mobile phones and computers, it is our duty to make you aware on the same. Thus, it is necessary that we request you to not allow your child to use tools unnecessarily and if they do also for school project work, you need to observe them very closely. They need parental guidance and supervision-

  • Spend time online together to teach them appropriate online behavior.
  • Keep the computer in a common area where you can watch and monitor its use, not in individual bedrooms.
  • Monitor any time spent on smartphones or tablets

The warning signs- 

  • Spending long hours online, especially at night
  • Phone calls from people you don’t know
  • Unsolicited gifts arriving in the mail
  • Your child suddenly turning off the computer when you walk into the room
  • Withdrawal from family life and reluctant to discuss online activities



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