Euro School Chhauni is a technologically equipped co-educational school located in Kimdole Marg, Chhauni. It is an extension of your child’s quality learning experience at Euro Kids or any other Pre-School/Montessori and aims at preparing the young learners for their future thereby ensuring a smooth transition from the Pre-School to a Primary Level.

Teaching and learning processes in Euro School Chhauni will also be based on different resources through Connecting Classrooms and Schools Online of the British Council and also various other international affiliations.

Our Vision

We will provide a platform for students to understand and contribute to a rapidly changing society, thus taking steps towards being a Global Citizen giving equal priority to our native values and beliefs.

Our Mission

We will be the preeminent creative center for effective engagement to improve the thoughts and conditions of local and global communities. We will create simple yet smart students to meet the social needs; communication being the concern.